Al Arabia

LV Switchgear and control panels are designed and manufactured in accordance with local and international standard specification such as BS En 60439-1 & BS 5486 (Part – 1) amended to date. Any combination of Insulation voltage, Bus bar current rating, temperature rise, degree of protection and short circuit withstand capability can be provided as per client’s Switchgear specification. AL ARABIA has the capacity to provide a complete range of LV Panels from 400A to 2500A.

Major Products
L.V. Distribution products  Legrand
Industrial Control Products  Telemechanique, Omron
Speed drives stater units
Enclosures Rittal, Himel, ELECTRA, Gmc,
Al Hamad, Al Bilad.
Capacitors & Power Factor Siemens / Lovato / ICAR
Control Relays & Timers Telemecanique, Broyce, Omron Foxtam
Copper Busbars Gindre, Oriental.
Terminal Blocks  Cabur. Telemecanique Connectwell.
Control Transformers  Elca / Local

Electrical Connectors, Copper Lugs 

Cembre, Host.
Measuring Instruments Celsa, Electrovision, AE, Host
Wiring accessories  AVA, Equivalent
Current Transformers MBS, Host, SAF
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